God Made No Mistakes – Black Standards of Beauty and Insecurity

I ran across this good light-hearted post about how African-American Women are negatively affected by beauty standards in the black community by Charing Ball.  As a black woman who does not have the “preferred body type” of our community I also developed insecurities about how I looked when younger but since have learned to love my body – to heck with what anyone else thinks. 

Ladies, you are beautiful no matter your size, shape or lack there-of.  God made no mistakes.  Learn how to hold your head high and walk in confidence because you are unique and beautiful. 

Here is a little snippet of the post:

“I’ve always been insecure about my behind – or lack thereof.  Growing up it wasn’t easy being the black girl without a big butt. I remember having a boyfriend frankly tell me one time that my big breasts, thick thighs and hips were nice but I would “look better” if I had a bigger behind. He wasn’t the only one who told me that. Even my closest girlfriends chide me about my “white girl” shape. I like to think that over the years, I have come to accept my body for the way it is. However I still don’t leave the house without a long shirt to distract away from what I don’t have dragging behind me.”

Check out the entire post in Madame Noir Magazine

Shine Your Light!


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