Dear Racism

Dear Racism,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from the position of 2nd class citizen. My last day of employment was yesterday.

Unlike leaving other positions, this was an easy decision because I never asked for the job.
I never agreed to be labeled, belittled, mistreated, abused, disrespected, disregarded as worthless…you get the point.

You have been chipping away at me since I was a little girl, telling me that I was not good enough.

I never desired to be viewed as the angry black woman just because I expressed my displeasure. I am no one’s bitch.

What you think of me is not my business but yours. So the stereotypes, like the video vixen, loud mouth, mammy, Jezebel, etc. have no power over me.

You tried to brainwash me to the point that I altered my body and lightened my skin to conform to the standards of beauty that you created.

It was because of you, that I had to fight every day for my dignity and respect. You and your buddy oppression always found reason to pick on me or throw obstacles in my way.

You were so slick that you were able to pit me against my sisters putting us in to two categories – light or dark. You made us enemies because you knew that a divided house would always fall.

You tried to destroy my family by taking my man out of the equation.

You made every attempt to keep me in poverty by blocking my right to an education.

You said that I would never amount to anything, thank God you are wrong!

It is long overdue but I am reclaiming my rightful, God-given place on this earth, as a first-class citizen where I am accepted, appreciated, admired and respected.

I am re-writing my story and determining my own destiny.

My sisters and I are forcing a paradigm shift in the global marketplace. We are saturating every industry – medicine, politics, biotech, finance and engineering. We are leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, power brokers and visionaries changing the world and contributing to the betterment of society.

We are funneling resources back in to our communities to build them up and to educate the next generation of leaders.

So look for my smile. Look for my beautiful black face – I will be the sister thriving and standing confidently in my identity. Living a rich and full life, operating in purpose and using my gifts.

I know who I am. I know my worth and you can never take it from me.

My legacy will be a changed environment where young black girls, of every shade, will never have to question if their black is beautiful or doubt their worth.

And our sons will appreciate, love and respect the black woman. He will speak sweetly to her. He will protect and champion her, for she is his prize. She is his queen.

So as you can see, I have important things to do, like change the world, and can no longer play as a pawn in your sorry game. And if you can’t tell, I am burning this bridge because I will never cross it again.


The smiling, intelligent, beautiful and fabulous – Black Woman.

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