Black Girls Rock!

Join the Movement!

It was more than a treat last night to watch the BLACK GIRLS ROCK award show last night on BET.  Looking at all the beautiful, gift, talented and intelligent Black women and girls that packed out the auditorium was amazing.  Also, to learn about so many accomplished Black Women filled me with pride.  I hope to see more and more shows of the like that uplift, encourage and inspire Black Women and Girls to SHINE their lights.  The work that Beverly Bond and BLACK GIRLS ROCK is doing is valuable in the fight for our worth and dignity.  It is also important in bringing up a generation of leaders, thinkers, trend setters and trailblazers.  Black Girls should never feel limited based on their skin color, by their sex or by their economic circumstances.  Let us help the movement by supporting such organizations like Black Girls Rock in their fight for the spirit of the Black Woman. 

Support Black Girls Rock and let your light shine!

Beverly Bond – Black Girls Rock

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