Mikki Taylor on STYLEBLAZER Web Series – How I Made It


Styleblazer the fashion and beauty website that focuses on African-American women, recently launched a web series “How I Made It” that highlights how successful African-American entrepreneurs and leaders in the fashion and beauty industries have made it to the TOP.

Its first episode features Mikki Taylor, Editor at Large of Essence Magazine.  Mikki Taylor is such a beautiful lady and the essence of grace.  Mikki is the authority in the beauty industry for African-American women and her contribution towards the advancement of women of color is priceless.  Mikki brings the old adage “If you look good, you feel good,” to life and has helped generations of women express their beauty and personal style.

Check out how she got her start and made her way to the top.

Styleblazer Web Series – How I Made It, Episode 1 – Mikki Taylor


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