We will miss you Heavy D

Today Heavy D is being laid to rest and the world is losing a great rap legend.  Heavy D was a part of that group of rappers that not only rocked the house but kept his messages positive.

I consider myself blessed to have grown up listening to the first and second generation of rap that was fun, positive and still very funky (in the best way).  Rappers like Heavy D inspired and encouraged us to live right, do the right thing and just have fun.

His lyrics and delivery were smooth and is words insightful.  The self-proclaimed “Overweight Lover” showed the world that size did not matter, that you can be who you are and still achieve great heights.  He used his weight as a positive and not a negative and he did not let it stop him.  Just look at any of his videos and you will see Heavy dancing harder and often better than his dancers, despite being bigger than them.

I hope this current generation of rappers take note of his legacy and learn that you can still be “the man” without belittling and disrespecting women and that your talent can be used to have a positive impact instead of a destructive one.

I stand among many that will miss Heavy D.  He is leaving us with grateful hearts that we were allowed to have the Overweight Lover in the House!

Rest in Peace.

Let your light shine!


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