Got a Love Jones in my bones

I love the movie Love Jones.  I guess it helped that I was in love at the time (with my now ex-husband) and it became “our movie.” I was his Nina and he was my Darius.  I even went and got my hair cut just like Nia Long wore her hair in the film.

It was so refreshing to see black love done so well on the big screen, it was realistic and sexy.  I also appreciated seeing the different sides of black life, like the artistic side with the scenes centered on poetry because it is tiring seeing films that have us all spending our days hanging out on the front porch with nothing to do. 

I remember watching the film and then finding out that a local lounge had “Spoken Word” nights, I was there in a flash soaking up the ambiance and good vibes just as in the movie. 

For several reasons, Love Jones will always be a favorite.  I think it is a shame that Hollywood is still stuck in pre-civil rights era with their attitude about black life.  We are creative, artistic and loving people and I LOVE watching black love.

All this Love Jones talk is making me nostalgic, maybe this weekend I will pull out my old VHS and see if it still works…“is that alright!”

 Read about Theodore Witcher, the creator of Love Jones and why is has not made another like film in The Root.

Shine your light!


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