Support the documentary Still Standing, for the sake of Black Marriage

I watched the trailer and just ordered a copy of the DVD, Still Standing – a documentary that takes a transparent and insightful look at Black Marriage from the creators of

I cannot stress how important it is to promote Black Marriage because in our society today, according to media portrayals of African-Americans, black people don’t get married and/or stay married at all, which in not true.

I am excited about this documentary because divorce statistics are up and unfavorable and too many children are growing up in broken families. 

Despite my divorce (which was one of the hardest decisions I ever made), I still believe in the sanctity of marriage and if my now ex-husband would have worked with me to save it (before it was too late) I would probably still be married. 

Marriage is sanctioned by God; it is hard work but still one of the most beautiful institutions on this planet.

To watch the trailer and purchase a copy of the DVD, check out


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